Dark Sky Glamping are very proud to introduce Dark Sky Sleepovers; our luxury, immersive sleepover experiences, for children and adults. 


Explore, relax or party the night away at one of our bespoke, immersive sleepover events!

No matter what the occasion, we have the perfect package for you.

Suitable for ages 4+ (yes adults, that means you can get in on the fun now too!)

We pride ourselves on being the first actively inclusive sleepover events business in the UK; we want everyone to enjoy the Dark Sky Sleepovers experience! 

As an inclusive and proudly autistic run business, we pride ourselves on having the knowledge and experience to provide customisable, sensory-tastic sleepovers for everyone to enjoy.  Please ask us for more details on how we can help.

What's better than a party that EVERYONE can enjoy!

Take a look at our amazing themed set-ups; be whisked away to far away lands full of whimsy, wonder and wishes.

Can't fin what you're looking for? Contact our team for prices for bespoke, on of a kind set ups.


Contact us for more details or to reserve your date.