Young nature lovers can get up close and personal with snails, woodlice, beetles and more with this DIY bug habitat.  Have fun creating your own unique habitat and discovering the behviour of bugs!


This kit encourages early learning through play and exploration skills.  


Kit includes: bug catcher, habitat tank, lid with air holes, chippings and instrictions


  • Habitat tank measures: 12cm (width) x 19.5cm (length) x 9cm (height)
  • Kit includes: Tongs, tank, jar and lid, chippings and instructions
  • For ages 6+, not for children under 3


Material: Card, Plastic, Sand


Product dimensions: Width: 12cm, Length: 20cm, Height: 9cm, Weight: 140g


Packaging dimensions: Width: 24cm, Length: 28.5cm, Height: 10cm, Weight: 470g


Make Your Own Bug Habitat